Justices of the Peace

We are seeking Democratic Justice of the Peace candidates.

The Quorum Court is the county legislative body that consists of eleven (11) justices of the peace from equally populated districts in the county.  Their main function is to enact county ordinances to provide the many varied public services Independence County offers to its residents.  The County Judge presides at the Quorum Court meetings without a vote but with the power of veto.  The Quorum Court meets at 6:00 p.m. the second Monday of each month in the Jess Carpenter Building at 368 E. Main St, downtown Batesville above the Independence County Library.

The titles “Justice of the Peace” and “Quorum Court” frequently cause confusion as they sound like judicial roles. To the contrary, this is a legislative body. You can think of the Quorum Court as the “Congress” of the county. Each Justice of the Peace is paid a salary of $2,760.00 and have the power to perform marriage ceremonies. Justices of the Peace serve 2 year terms. The filing fee to run for Justice of the Peace in 2016 is $55. See the JP district map below to determine your district: