Filing Procedures

Thinking of running for office? We’re here to help. Leading in to each election year, there is a filing period in November. During this period you will need to fill out forms with the County Clerk and Democratic Party. Don’t be daunted by this process, it takes just a few minutes to fill out the forms. Democratic volunteers will be on hand to assist you.

  • Must pay party filing fees to the County Committee, if not using an alternative method to file
  • Must receive an affidavit of eligibility from the County Committee
  • Must sign and file the Political Practices Pledge with the County Clerk of his/her county of residence*
  • Must furnish written evidence of paid filing fees and party eligibility to the County Clerk (aka the Receipt of Filing Fee and the Affidavit of Eligibility)

* Candidates may be required to fill out and submit the Political Practices Pledge provided by the Secretary of State’s office